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One of the interesting ideas that has come to my mind recently is to add motion sensing capability to xbox.

This can be done using a small board that sticks under xbox's controller.This board should have an accelerometer sensor like ADXL335 which transforms the angle of the controller to the movements of the left stick and a bluetooth transmitter (if the controller is wireless).


In this way you can control the game by tilting the controller.

You may think that Microsoft has built Kinect for this purpose but Kinect has many problems. The first problem is that you can't use Kinect to control planes or helicopters in a game. It's not convenient for that purpose while it'd be a great joy to control these things by tilting the controller. The second problem is that only few games now support Kinect as their controller while you can use my method in all games. Of course you may not like to move a character in a game by tilting the controller but you can turn off the motion sensor and just use the stick for these games. And finally Kinect is very expensive while this method can be really cheap (just a small electronic board).

Unfortunately I don't have the necessary resources to work on this project further because Microsoft uses special coding for the bluetooth communication between the controller and the console and I don't know how it works.

Feel free to share your ideas.

Thank you.