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In this interesting project we used the famous LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT to build an environment mapping robot.

As you can see we've used an ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance between where the robot is located and where the obstacles (for instance walls) are.



The ultrasonic turns around like a radar and measures the distance every 10 degrees. The numbers are sent to a C# program in my laptop. This process is realtime.

The C# program draws a diagram of the environment (the outline of the room etc.) as the numbers are sent.

Because of the limitations of the NXT's ultrasonic sensor results are not very clean. 

First NXT's sensor can not measure distances more than 255 centimeters and second the precision with which the sensor measures the distance is 1 centimeter, it means that it can't see distances less than 1 centimeter. 

We even tried to process the data a little bit more. This made the results cleaner.

In this video we tested the robot inside a square shaped place. You can see the robot's video and the results, as they're drawn in C#. After the robot's work is finished you can see that we click the "process" button in our program to straighten the results further.

You can watch how the robot maps the environment:


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