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CC3200-LaunchXL is a great launchpad from TI which combines an ARM core and on-chip WiFi with an accelerometer and contactless temperature sensor and a very convenient debug interface. What is more amazing is that all these come with a 30$ price!

This guide will help you get started with your CC3200-Launchpad in Linux.

SC10 Sms Controller

Imagine you have a farm, a greenhouse or a garden which is far away from where you live. You have to travel a long distance everyday to supervise it's environmental conditions like temperature and humidity or to control it's irrigation. So I built this system in which you can do all these using your phone.

Line Follower Robot

This interesting project was my final thesis for Bsc. The goal was to build a robot which could follow a black line on a white background but this one was far more than just a simple line follower robot.

The line had all kinds of tricks to play. It could become wider at some points, bend with sharp angles,  have two ways and even disappear!

So I came up with a design to cover all of these situations.

Env. Map robot

In this interesting project we used the famous LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT to build an environment mapping robot.

As you can see we've used an ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance between where the robot is located and where the obstacles (for instance walls) are.


Power Supply

In this project I built an analog adjustable power supply capable of delivering approximately 5Amps to the load with maximum voltage of 30V. It also has two positive and negative outputs.

This is an ideal supply to use with your audio amp projects. Because if you have a symmetrical positive and negative voltage you can use it with a very simple push-pull amplifier to get a powerful sound out of your speakers. I should note here that the positive and negative outputs of this power supply can be adjusted independently and if you wanted to use this with your audio amp you can adjust the positive and negative voltages so that they'd be equal.

I myself used it with my audio amp and it worked perfect!


I designed a system to generate SHA256 hash codes using Altera Cyclone III FPGA.

Design is done using Quartus II software provided by Altera And Verilog HDL.


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