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USB to Serial

In this project I built a board around  FT232BL manufactured by FTDI Chip USB to Serial converter.

This converter is very useful when you want to communicate with a microcontroller or any other serial device using the USB port on your computer.

Video Controlled Robot

Building a robot which could be controlled by video processing was the purpose of this project.

Robot was built using NXT. You can download nxt source code from here

Video processing is done using opencv sharp.  You can download source code from here

A white object is detected by it's brightness. If this object goes into a rectangle in left,right,up or downside of the frame, computer sends appropriate signals to the robot by bluetooth and the robot starts to move in the corresponding direction and keeps moving until the object is inside that rectangle.

Before I talked about a way to send and receive data to a Serial port and I told you that most of the microcontrollers and other electronic stuff have a serial port and in the Electronics section of the site I posted a project to create a Virtual Serial port out of a USB.

Now what if you want to send and receive data directly to a USB port? 

In this project I used my USB to serial converter and Visual C++ to send and receive data to and from an AVR microcontroller.

I used the C++ Serial Communication library called CSerial. You can find the library files and the instructions about how to use them in your project here.  

I've used this library in a Windows Forms program.

In this section I explain the code that receives some data from the microcontroller. 


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